7805 Voltage Regulator

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Positive voltage regulators / L 7805 CV self-contained fixed linear voltage regulator integrated circuits / TO-220 package

LM7805 – 3-Terminal Positive Voltage Regulators / TO220 Form factor

Features:  Output current in excess of 0.5A / No external components / Internal thermal overload protection / Internal short circuit current-limiting  / Output transistor safe-area compensation / Input Min Voltage:  7.2 Volt / Input Max Voltage: 35 Volt / Temperature Max: 125 deg C / 5V fixed output voltages

The main picture was taken with a FUJIFILM brand camera, model FinePix S5700 S700 on Saturday 10th April 2010 by the Robert & Mihaela Vicol photographers.

As basic settings, an exposure time of 10/600 (16.667ms ) was used with aperture f/6.8 and the ISO Speed of the camera was 200. Actual focal length of the lens was 1510/100 (15.1mm) with unknown lens model (range).

The actual file size is 2.92 MBytes, resolution is 2304px on the horizontal and 3072px on the vertically and the original (or modified) file name is 7805-Voltage-Regulator_62990.jpg (media type is image/jpeg).

The photo original orientation was portret with an X Resolution DPI equal to 72/1 and Y-Resolution DPI equal to 72/1.
Other camera settings (and APEX value) were the lens aperture 550/100, status of flash equal with 9, shutter speed 600/100 and brightness value 540/100 (15.1).

Note: It looks like the current size of the image was changed by rotating the image to another position but the original orientation of the photo remained the same.

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