Colored Pansy Flowers

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Public Domain Photos – Pansy Viola Flowers

Colored pansy Flowers: Blue and Yellow Pansy, Red Pansy, Colossus Neon Violet, Black yellow pansy, Purple White and Yellow Pansy, Pansy Marina

The main picture was taken with a Canon brand camera, model Canon EOS 500D on Thursday 14th April 2011 by the Emilian Robert Vicol photographer.

As basic settings, an exposure time of 1/30 (33.333ms ) was used with aperture f/18.0 and the ISO Speed of the camera was 1600. Actual focal length of the lens was 77/1 (77mm) with 18-270mm lens model (range).

The actual file size is 6.04 MBytes, resolution is 4752px on the horizontal and 3168px on the vertically and the original (or modified) file name is Colored-Pansy-Viola-Flowers__6186IMG_4405.jpg (media type is image/jpeg).

The photo original orientation was portret with an X Resolution DPI equal to 72/1 and Y-Resolution DPI equal to 72/1.
Other camera settings (and APEX value) were the lens aperture 548864/65536, status of flash equal with 16, shutter speed 327680/65536 and brightness value unknown.

Note: The current image size corresponds to the original version but the original photo orientation it was changed to landscape.

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