Thermostatic Mixing Valve, Installation

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Free Images DYI – 3-way thermostatic mixing valve installation with Electric Water Heaters / Electric Boliers

3-Way Thermostatic Mixing Valves maintain & limit mixed hot water to a desired, selectable temperature, to minimize thermal shock, helping to prevent scalding injury and reduce the risk of Legionella Bacteria growth in water.

Note: entry of cold water from boiler, is connected through a simple heat recovery from waste water.

The main picture was taken with a Canon brand camera, model Canon EOS 500D on Wednesday 19th January 2011 by the Robert & Mihaela Vicol photographers.

As basic settings, an exposure time of 1/60 (16.667ms ) was used with aperture f/11.0 and the ISO Speed of the camera was 400. Actual focal length of the lens was 130/1 (130mm) with 18-270mm lens model (range).

The actual file size is 5.01 MBytes, resolution is 4752px on the horizontal and 3168px on the vertically and the original (or modified) file name is 3-way-thermostatic-mixing-valve-installation__65135.jpg (media type is image/jpeg).

The photo original orientation was portret with an X Resolution DPI equal to 72/1 and Y-Resolution DPI equal to 72/1.
Other camera settings (and APEX value) were the lens aperture 458752/65536, status of flash equal with 9, shutter speed 393216/65536 and brightness value unknown.

Note: The current image size corresponds to the original version but the original photo orientation it was changed to landscape.

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