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Information Regarding Copyright

All the photos in this website are free for personal or business use and all are relased in Public Domain (CC0), but the presence of certain brands or people in photos may cause some pictures not to be used for any purpose!

Please read this page further, to avoid any mistakes about using the photo for commercial purposes!

Copyright does apply to the description/articles that i have included in this website. You can use these description/articles on your website if you give credit and a link back to this website on the same page where you use any of my description/articles.

Please keep in mind a few things:

  • Pictures from this site cannot be used for gallery, albums or other photo collection, (a.k.a. Search Directories or Images Aggregator) unless I give you explicit consent to that!

    Yes, all pictures are declared to be part of the public domain, but that does not mean that there must be no respect for the creator of these pictures, public domain does not mean lack of respect and good sense!
    If you did not fully understand this concept, please read this article:  WWW “landowners” were richer and the poor more poorer!

  • Photos cannot be copyrighted even if is altered (You cannot take my photos and then copyright it yourself)
  • CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlikeSome of the photos contain people or children, I do not have a model release for them, so, basically those persons in the pictures hold copyrights to those photos.
    The same applies to for pictures which contain:
    * brands,
    * logos,
    * works of art,
    * private property,
    * events and attractions.
    So, to use these type of images (as public domain CC0, or CC-BY) , please contact me to make sure there is no copyright on them!
  • If you are shown in a photo, or feel a photo violates your copyrights, please contact me (byrev[@]yahoo[.]com) and the image will be removed.
  • If you want to use a picture on your own web page you must save the picture to your own serverdo not make hotlinks from this site!
  • I respect the intellectual property of others, and so should you. Please don’t misuse images of others that you find here. Clearly I can’t grant you the right to use images of people without their permission. Fair use is good, but so is privacy and accountability. When in doubt, please just ask.
  • But, in accordance with fair use policy, feel free to use anything and everything here for parodies, education, or private use.

It would be nice if you send me a note to tell me in which projects you will use my photos.

All images will be credited to Robert & Mihaela Vicol , to vjPhotos.net  or to users who have uploaded pictures.

It is not necessary to indicate the source or give credit, but it is common sense and any promotion is welcome.