Blog - WWW became a 19th century world where the landowners were richer and the poor more poorer!

After almost 6 years when the photo activity for this site was suspended, I finally made time and decided it was time to continue what I started more than 10 years ago … pictures for eternity left as a memory for life passage!

Happiness, The Purpose Of Life

Meanwhile, the world has changed a lot, the search engines have become extremly avid for money, the social environment like facebook, instagram and twitter that seemed promising and easy to use now became even more uncertain.
Censorship is everywhere, even on famous social networks and the world is more-and-more greedy, we lost our way to a more beautiful and spiritual life and we are attracted everyday to a trap of illusions!

Nothing can go to the ear and the eyes of people without money, even the best and beautiful things, you still have to pay to be seen, read and heard. Indeed, the world of the Internet was something beautiful at first, but now it became full of haters, winners and profiteers. Search engines and social sites seem to help only the best to become even stronger, it is impossible to struggle with the giants as they grow bigger-and-bigger and you are still as small and insignificant !

WWW became a 19th century world where the landowners were richer and the poor people more poorer.

Lack of common sense and respect for everything with good intentions is becoming more and more present online, so many webmasters take advantage of anything just to have something to gain. They believe that the things defined free of charge and contractually unconditional are entirely up to them and forget about their creator, forget to mention it when they use their works!

They all want copyright recognition, money and fame …

we do not want anything, just a better and more beautiful world !