Second Moon

Another Moon

f/5.6 1/200 ISO-100 300m

Full moon. Clear night. A desire to improve at night photography. Sounds like a perfect match, right?

So I Google the time of the moonrise over my local time and get a quick, timely answer. I have two hours to prepare. I want to get a good, dramatic foreground but I have almost no daylight left to scout for a suitable location. No panic. Google the azimuth of the moon on the horizon, I see it will come up slightly to the southeast. Make a plan. Make a plan. Head to Google Maps satellite view and I see a great country park 30 miles away with access from the northwest. Woo hoo, I even have time to grab a bite of dinner.

With an hour before moonrise, I collect my gear and get in the car. Heading down the street, look to the east – there’s the moon, probably 10 degrees above the horizon. Apparently when you Google moonrise time for you local city, you’d better make sure it’s being reported in local time. Well, quick change of plans I guess. I came up with two photos, one of which is above. Just a straight up shot of the moon.

Well, it’s better than my first attempt at the moon. This one has better focus and better contrast. I was a bit surprised I guess at the relatively fast shutter speed necessary to get the moon’s details. I guess you just assume that when it’s dark you need to slow it down. Oddly enough, this picture I didn’t even take on a tripod.

You know, I haven’t see a “man” in the moon since I was a child, ever since my sister Hentender told me she saw a bunny running up the left side of the moon. Ever since, I’ve never seen anything else when I look at it.

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